Return of the ex? Should I give him a chance?

I have an issue that is too much for me to process at the moment. So I am looking for insight and different POVs from you guys. Here is my situation:

I am 25yrs old, single (still a virgin), and I have only been focusing on bettering my life and finishing school. About 6mos ago, I met this guy. Not the best looking, but is has a big heart and lots of potential. Sweet guy, always makes sure I'm happy, there even without me asking. He comes through to make the situation better. However, I feel like he's holding back or hiding something. Shows love, we talk/text all day except when he's at work (he works in packaging @fedex). He always says how much he care (never said love just to keep that clear) for me, and wants to be with me and never wants to lose me. Yet he hasn't tried to step it up and make a commitment. So in the back of my mind I'm thinking he's either scared to step up because he will want sex, and if he have sex he won't feel guilty or be considered cheating since we aren't together Lol.

Now, here is where my problem comes in. My ex (been broken up for 5yrs) hit me up over the weekend. He was the "man you dream about" , you know, the perfect guy. But being young at the time I was scared to love him because I didn't know how to. So I pushed him away. We remained cool in agreeing I wasn't ready to give him the love he deserved. He came to see me and we talked for hours like we never went separate ways. Soo many emotions ran through me. I didn't realize how much I still had feelings for him. Now he is single, and wants to hang out. Should I open up to him? Would it be wrong to the other guy? Should I let the guy know that my ex and I have just linked back up? I cannot think straight?


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  • What he do to break up? If it was cheating then no second chance. So it really depends on what broke u up.