My girlfriend is always calling guys hot or guy nanes hot, is that normal?

Like all the time. And like checks out guys. It makes me feel comfortable and I tried taking to her about it but it keeps happening. I was wondering if it's like normal and I shouldn't feel weird or if I should?


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  • It is a personal boundaries thing and for some a respect thing. If it bothers you, tell her. Pretending it doesn't bother you leads to resentment. Something like, "hey we are all human but I'd prefer not to hear the commentary." Be prepared to explain why it bothers you without sounding irrational. It's like this with anything that bothers you. You are entitled to feel the way you do but explain it to the other person, do not expect them to "just know". At the same time, search deep inside to figure out why this bothers you. Sometimes it's just a silly reason and can be forgotten.


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  • It is perfectly normal and the majority of people are attracted to other people while they are in a relationship. I am sure the same thing happens with you too. However, she is vocal about it. I don't think you should be concerned about it.


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