My girlfriend is constantly checking out other guys, should I leave her?

She checks out other guys on a daily basis. Should I leave her or does it mean nothing? I have tried talking to her before it didn't work.

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  • When you say you've tried talking to her before, do you mean you told her it bothers you or told her you'd appreciate if she stopped checking guys out or at least toned it down?
    If so, and she's done nothing to appease that request, I'd probably start second guessing continuing having a relationship with her.

    It's pretty important for both partner's to respect the other's wishes. If the basics of that isn't even being done, that doesn't bode too well for the rest of your relationship.


Most Helpful Guy

  • If thats something you don't want in your relationship and you tried talking to her then you next plan should be to leave. If she can't give you the respect you ask for then, she will continue to do what she want to do and your opinion wouldn't matter. When you find a woman who want to look at you and no other guy matter to her then, thats when you have a real keeper.


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  • You should leave her. Not necessarily just because of the "checking out other guys" but because you've told her it bothers you and she's continuing the behavior. That's not okay or fair to you.


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