Are my expectations in a guy, unreasonable?

I'll start by mentioning that I am more introverted when first met, and I'm outgoing as you get to know me
. Confident
. Outgoing/Extrovert
. Masculine
. Handsome
. Has goals trying to reach
. Can take care of himself
. Gentleman-simple sweet things
. Nice
. Funny
. Has about 60% qualities in common with me For example:(Oh I remember that song from back in the days, you do too? )
. Same values/morals
. He's understanding, tries to work out problems
. Not quick to anger or to give up
. Has discernment
. Has separate personal interest
. Prefers traditional relationships


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  • Sounds fine to me. It will just weed out a lot of losers.

    Just make sure you hold yourself to the same standards

  • There is nothing wrong with having high expectations in a guy, as long as you are worthy of attracting and keeping the quality of guy who can meet them. Otherwise you are setting yourself up for failure.


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