I feel so lonely. how can I make friends and meet girls post college?

I feel REALLY uncomfortable cold approaching random girls in the store or on the streets (being Indian and stereotyped badly doesn't help either).

bars and clubs are also not good ways for me to meet career minded women who also enjoy being social/in shape/having hobbies like gaming or Netflix.

online dating does NOT work if you are Indian.

I even tried to make platonic female friends, but most girls my age (23) are looking for their ideal mate, and could care less about having guy friends. speaking from experience, when a girl cut me off when I just wanted to be friends with her.

most girls I do see are too busy to talk (on their phones), too close minded to meet new people, not my age, or not quality girls.

also, I live in a male dominated town, known for its engineering jobs, so there are more men than women here. there are 4 guys for every girl. and there is severe competition for women.

all my friends live too far away, or are busy with work and their own relationships.

I also work 60 hours a week, and have no free time once I get home, to meet people or even for gaming or gym or Netflix.

I prefer a group setting (like a class or a club, like I would in college).

so, how'd I meet people, given my limited time, competition, venue/meeting preferences, limitations, race, and how people are around me?


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  • Try a church (maybe a larger one) and there are also cool festivals you could try. And I know it might seem a cliche but just try approaching a girl and letting her know she's beautiful, even if it doesn't get you her number I know she'll appreciate it.

    • "And I know it might seem a cliche but just try approaching a girl and letting her know she's beautiful, even if it doesn't get you her number I know she'll appreciate it."

      Why? And what about for a lot of us guys who feel we are unattractive? Many of us would love to appreciate girls taking the time to tell us we're attractive, but none of them do unless a guy is a complete stud. I'm sorry but it shouldn't be one way street.

    • @MyUsernameRules No you're right it shouldn't be. The main reason why I find it hard for myself to approach guys, is because society declares it to be 'unladylike' and also because I find it hard to approach a stranger in a group. But I do try to let guys know they 'have beautiful eye's or 'your smile is really nice btw' it's easier for me to do than to just say 'I think you're boy's. Mostly because guys tend to. Take the latter as an invitation to sex.

      As for why tell a girl she's beautiful, let me tell you a story. I was working a long shift at my job, and a random guy walked away from his group to come talk to me. I asked him "Do you need anything?" And he said "No, but I wanted to let you know that you're beautiful." he then walked back to his friends. That made my day and I guess more importantly for our asker it made me want to go after him and give me my number. I couldn't keep a smile off my face for the rest of the day.

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  • It's shithouse mate. Spend your money and show confidence. I find it best not to worry and just have a good time. Be confident and be yourself. If that doesn't work who cares as long as you are enjoying yourself. Sometimes it will work and sometimes it doesn't.


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  • It's amusing whenever an Indian guy asks a question related to getting a girl, almost no girls choose to answer the question. Like is it really that hard for girls on here to help Indian guys out? LOL. And they call us guys shallow.

  • Do you really and absolutely need girls to be your friends.. But what are you going to get... Believe me brother chasing girls never help... U r better on your own... Just be friendly and accept what loge life gives u... stil your call