Should I be worried?

My girlfriend and I have been going through a rough patch lately and the other day I texted her that I loved her before I went to sleep, but she was already sleeping. The next day she just sends a heart and asked how I slept, but doesn't say it back. Now, earlier today, she randomly got distant with texting and when I asked if something was wrong she just said she has a lot on her mind. When I asked if she wanted to talk about it she said she'd rather not, not yet anyway. There's other stuff going on in her life that she could be worrying about, but I just have a bad feeling. Should I be worried?


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  • Maybe set up a nice romantic night in with her favourite food or drink and don't bring up anything of how you're worried etc. just tell her you know she's had a lot on and deserves a night of pampering. If there is an issue then she will tell you

    • I like that idea, I'll call her tomorrow and set it up for this weekend!

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  • Concerned, yes, but worrying won't do anything for you. Let her come to you with the issue. You asked her what is wrong already; thus, you have demonstrated that you care about what is wrong.


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  • You have no idea what's going to happen and what she's going through, so worrying about it would be completely unnecessary. Worrying will not help.


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