Scared to be in a new relationship?

thoses what if's...
u can question everything, starting from "what i this feeling won't be mutual'' to '' what if hurts me, cheats on me?" before even giving it a TRY!


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  • That always holds me back.
    I think before starting any relationship, people should build trust with each other

    That way they wouldn't mindlessly break up with you and play with your feelings, and they wouldn't cheat because they wouldn't betray a friend like that

    Easier said than done though 😭💔😭

    • yup, couldn't agree more! :(

    • Building trust is a paradox. The only way you can build trust is by trusting someone, and them not failing you. Thats why like I said in my opinion before you must take the leap. You'll never know what might happen unless you give a person a chance.

    • @Whoooooooooo totally agree broooooooooo
      That's what trust is about
      Taking chances and being selfless!

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  • Every relationship you begin exposes you to risks and the possibility of bad consequences, but the only way to protect yourself is to never try a relationship, and that is a far worse outcome.

  • I think you should just jump into it like a Japanese kamikaze. There are so many IF's. You won't be able to answer your questions until you give it a shot. What if your feeling is mutual and he's a great guy who would never cheat on you but you missed out on him because you were scared to take the leap.

  • Well, those kinds of things can happen in any relationship, right? It's not a new concept or unique only to you. There are just as many what ifs on the positive side, like what if they are a genuinely good person? Nothing ventured nothing gained.

    What if you never take a chance?


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