How and where do I go on from here with the girl im crushing on?

Since I started uni there's this really attractive girl that stole my heart and won't give it back.
We take the same classes but different sections (studying the same major) so we dont have any common hours, but I see her for a fair amount of time around the campus and when we meet up during our Red Cross meetings.
After 2 weeks I finally grew a pair and just started talking to her and since im kinda funny i succesfully make her laugh everytime we talk and walk to our classes and got to know her a bit more and eventually got her number. I tried asking her out for dinner but she seemed uninterested. After a couple of days i invited her for a study session and coffee since she complained of being overwhelmed by all the material we have to study, but she said she "prefers to study alone".
This girl seems great and is always on my mind and i have no intention on giving up on this early on.
Wtf do i do now? Im running out of ideas and my brain is telling me to give up but my heart is saying "ayyy go for it".
P. S. im fairly good looking, funny, sociable, and a good flirt.


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  • Seems like you got rejected twice, and those were basically just asking to hang out. So... I mean, I guess you could ask her to do something again, but wouldn't you expect another excuse?

  • Seems you struck out already. You gotta let her see you around other girls now.