Help... Dating for 9 months?

Hey everyone, i've been dating this girl for 6 months and we've met up 5 times... We both had a discussion and she's saying that she 'refuses to lead me on, i'm a great guy, but i'm so damaged and there aren't any guarantees' she offered me friendship and nothing more after speaking. I partially agreed but I think it's mainly because I never inititated intimacy in all of hour dates. I kissed her on the cheek twice before the date ended. That's it. I feel as if the next date we go on, I'll tell her how I feel about her and go for a kiss. We haven't had that bubble couples have. How do i get that. and would it be worth trying to go for a kiss?
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I feel like garbage everyone... Please help me... I was so nervous on our dates.
Help... Dating for 9 months?
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