I can't tell how this girl feels about me?

Over the weekend I ran into an acquiantance of mine (we are both in college) while at a party, and we started talking. I was kind of crushing on this girl, but decided I wasn't going to make any moves since I thought she was way out of my league and wasn't interested. We talk and hang out with some friends for a while before we both go up to her room and start talking one on one. At one point, I put my arm around her and we stayed like that for a while. Then she tells me that she didn't want to hook up with people this term, but she thought I seemed cool and wanted to get to know me better. At one point in this conversation, I mention that I also wanted something more than just a hook up and she seemed to respond positively. We kept talking for like 2 more hours about a ton of different stuff, and at the end she gives me her number and tells me to call her, and then gave me a long hug before I left. She specifically said she was going to hug me, thus why I didn't try for a kiss.

So two days later I text her and ask her how she's doing. She gives a few responses, none of which are very long. I ask if she wants to do something this weekend, at first she said she was busy at the time I suggested and to try a different one. So I asked her which times worked for her, and she said she was super busy and wasn't sure. After that, she became a little more dismissive of me and at that point I said good night and ended the conversation. This was 2 days ago.

In my mind this doesn't make any sense, its like Im talking to two separate people. I asked my friends, and they agreed that it didn't make much sense. She has a theatre performance tonight, so I'll say hi to her after that and gauge her response. I might also ask if she just wants to get coffee, or something else a lot less serious than my initial plan.

Im really confused though, and could use the advice of anyone who has some...


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  • I think she was interested that night and she was being honest when saying she didn't want to hook up with anyone. Even tho she seems to have an attraction for you, I think she is blocking herself from anyone so this is why she is not really responsive I guess. I think it is temporary so you should let a little time for her. Don't go to hard now because you will get attached when she is not ready. Take your time, maybe a few weeks and she'll have spent some time alone and maybe will have free time for you.

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