What to do when a guy vanish?

I did meet this guy in a group of friends, we did click immeditly, i sort of liked him and i felt that he liked me too. We did see each other couples of time, he speaks and i speak too with him over facebook, over the phone, texting. We kissed a couples of times too. It was nice, everything, but he's sort of mystrious and i'm very talkative, the thing is i felt like sometimes he acts like " yeah i don't give a shit " and my attitude is like " i"m so confident of myself and i know that you like me " .. he's like stubborn and won't and will never give me the satisfaction and tell me what i want to hear !

But. the magic didn't last. Over a weekend with some friends he played very well the hot and cold card, i was so confusied, charming and his hands all over me the second and after not giving me his attention. So, i told him up front " when you know how to behave with me i'll talk to you again " . He was my rid home so i tried to talk with him after and he stayed being him, so i said " okay now I get it, good night ".

The weird thing is that he didn't do more after that while i know that he likes me..

What to do?
Your opinions can clear things out for me. Thanks :)


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  • You called his bluff, and it seems that he has decided you're not worth the trouble.

    • could you explan more?
      thanks :p

    • You made a play for power by saying you wouldn't speak to him again unless it was on your terms. He has opted to not give you that power by just stopping talking to you. You made a second attempt with the whole 'now I get it' comment, which was intended to provoke a response and get him to pursue you or explain himself, which again, he didn't feel like doing.

    • so what you think is in his mind?
      I can do nothing i guess?

      ( p. s. he wished me happy birthday days after and he was enthousiasted about the idea of coming to a party knowing that i was invited to ( a firend that tease him about us showed me the conversation ) and when he couldn't make it i did send him a messege telling him you did good by not coming it was horrible and he then reponsed that he coudn't make it because he had family emergency , ( while i didn't ask him about that ) so then i checked if everything is ok he said that it was okay ! and that's it )

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  • Sounds like he was interested and flirty, but wasn't sure, and your ultimatum told him that you were not it. By trying to pin him down you went from "maybe" to "weird stalker chick" . He might "like" you, but if the cost is too high he'll walk, just to avoid the confrontation.

  • Call the Pohleese. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, hide yo husbands, cuz errybody gettin raped up in here

  • Could be he doesn't know how to handle a confident woman.

  • He clearly doesn't understand the true power of the dark side


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