Wow, he must hate me... He hasn't responded to my message... Does he think I'm a weirdo? Did I come on too strong? I don't understand what I did?

I met a guy a week ago at my college. I introduced myself to him... Mainly because he kept staring at me and based on his mannerisms I believe he found me attractive. I found him attractive, so I went in for the kill.

I messaged him on Facebook, he was super friendly, we bumped into each other in person and briefly talked and he just seemed to really be happy to talk to me (he even hugged me?) Then we both fell super ill (it's passing around my school) and agreed to have coffee sometime but we were both sick so we never made a date. But he messaged me first that night and we kept a convo going.

The last time we chatted was on Sunday, I sent the last message.. Then yesterday at 6 I sent him a message, and it said he wasn't online (through midnight) so I went to bed and thought he would respond when he's online again. Well... He went online at 3am, posted a status, must have went back to sleep... Never responded nor opened my message, and all I asked was how he was feeling... Then he was online again at 1 ish and responded to a comment someone made on his status.

Is is he trying to show me he isn't interested? My friend thinks he's been busy and since we only community by computer he's just waiting until he can talk.


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  • he doesn't hate you... sheesh... he's just not interested in you. It does happen on occasion for someone not to be as interested

    • But just a day ago he was very interested. I don't get it.

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    • Yeah... he responded and asked me out.

      ... Not interested? I don't think that's the case.

    • the rule of options... you showed interest.

  • That's not enough info to prove a rejection, keep in contact 2-3 more ms or posts, then if nothing, move on.


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