Men, how do you sense that a young girl is vulnerable and prey?

I am 18 years old, very feminine, sensitive, emotional, shy and vulnerable. I like older men, and I have noticed that male predators (particularly older ones) target me because they can straight away tell I am vulnerable.
I dress very feminine and have a very quiet voice. Can this make it obvious?

Otherwise, how do these men detect my vulnerability?



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  • I wouldn't even think of a girl as 'prey' that is disgusting.

    I am a pretty shy person myself, i was always prey to people making fun of me and all that.

    It is pretty easy for me to see a shy, socially awkeard person. I think that people who are alike can notice people with similar personalities.

    But i would never take advantage of them, or make them do somethung they fund uncomfortble.

    And honestly, if you feel like you are being looked at or feel like someobe is eyeing you, and they are not even close ti your age, get some frienda to be with you, get a guy close to your age.

    Dressing feminine doesn't make it obvious, i would say it is more likely the persona you put out.

    • I feel like there are men that just look at me as prey, and it makes me sad.

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    • You can't expect men not to look at you. Is what i meant to say.

      I see women look at me and i can't tell what age they are, im not saying that im super attractive, but females of all ages do this too.

    • I don't mind men looking at me, but if they intend to manipulate me because I am shy and vulnerable.. they have ill intent.

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  • Prey? This ain't a jungle... well avtuslly it might as well be since there are so many predators. But they mostly determine by body language and confidence in what you do.

  • Body language, your voice tone, whether you make eye contact and hold or look down submissively after making eye contact are all signs to know whether you're vulnerable or not

    • once you sense a girl is vulnerable, how do you react to her? (if you think she's pretty?)
      Men tend to speak to me in a very soft, gentle voice.

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    • Yes, I think so too. I actually have a very strong personality, but around older men I find that I become very submissive...

    • cool then I think that you can fend off the predators...

  • By your body language.

  • By your body language & your reaction while speaking.

    • When you sense a girl is vulnerable, and you find her pretty, what do you usually do?

    • By not having proper eye contact & Mannerism on which you behave while chatting.

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