Why do I treat my crush this way? And why do my feelings for him keeps fading and coming and fades again?

I have a crush on this one guy but I'm so freaking quiet. -_- I don't know what to talk about. Sometimes when I think of something to say to him and actually say it, we would talk for a while and I would feel butterflies in my stomach for like the whole weekend. Then when we stop talking for a while I just start to lose feelings for him. I have a four classes with him this semester. Sometimes I don't feel like trying to talk to him so I don't in the classes that I have with him. But when we do talk, my stomach would feel that strong feeling again. Sometimes I really do think he likes me a but then I think I'm sending him mixed signals so maybe that's the reason why we don't interact as much sometimes. I noticed him looking at me a few times but I thought that I'm just imagining it so I ignored him. Later I found out that he really was looking at me because I looked at his direction and I wasn't imagining him looking at me. Sometimes I feel like I'm the one treating him coldly but I don't do it on purpose. :( It's just that I don't know if I like him or just want to think he likes me. I don't know why I am acting this way. It's just so weird.


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  • Because they're not true feelings