Girls, While you have a boyfriend, would you hang out with a guy every day, sleep at his place, but not have sex if you didn't like him?

This has been going on for a few weeks and weve hung out every day but like 2 times over these weeks. I told her i liked her and she said she can see it happening but it would be weird because of me being best friends with her brother when we were younger. Weve known eachother for a pretty long time but stuff just started picking up recently. I dont really do things for her that i wouldn't do for a friend so i dont think im hooked n used but maybe im just blind to it. She had me ask her brother sam and see if he cared and he didn't and i said ill give her time to think. I know she has a boyfriend which is why its hard to talk about it and why i never pull any moves, i try to respect the boundry. she's told me she has been wanting to break up with him multiple times over the past few months but hasn't. She said its because she's scared, the last time she did he started cutting himself and said he wanted to kill himself... Then convinced her it was just a break and they got back together. She told me its also hard for her to open up to other guys aswell.

Im trying to figure out what to say and what to do, maybe a test of some sort to see? Help me out

i talk to some guy friends and some say just go for it some say dont talk to her anymore and some say a girl that gives you that much attention has to have some feelings for you.. I don't know


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  • No i wouldn't sleep at hiis place

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