Guy I've been seeing for 2 months suddenly deleted me from everything and said "something isn't feeling right?

I met this guy in my hometown about two months ago while I was home on summer break from college. Tbh, we started off the relationship as pretty much friends with benefits, but over a few weeks we really started to grow feelings for each other. We hung out everyday, texted all the time, and did things other than just have sex.

Eventually, a month into us talking, he starts telling me how I was the highlight of his day, how he really liked me and how he was starting to like me more for just the sex. He told me he was interested and has been hinting at being in a relationship. He also asked me to be exclusive! The only thing was... He didn't want the status. He said "I like you and I only want you, but I'm not all about the statuses." So basically he wanted me to remain exclusive without actually being his girlfriend.
YET, A week before our last visit he said, "I like you so much, if you come see me, I might even ask you out." Pretty much hinting at being in a relationship.

So, I visit him (this was two weeks ago) by going home. We hang out for 2-3 days and I sleepover at his apartment. However, though things are going great, he never really asked me out like he said he would do. Instead he told me he just didn't want to complicate things since I was in school. I was fine with this and okay with how things were.

I go back to school away from home and we just continue to text everyday for a couple of weeks. However, I kind of notice our conversations aren't as enjoyable and it wasn't as exciting and refreshing as it was weeks ago. Then suddenly yesterday, he didn't text me not once. I sent him a snapchat (something we regularly do) and he deletes/blocks me. I text him asking why he blocked me and he said "I'm sorry. I like you but it just didn't work for me."

I keep asking him what he means and he says "I just can't talk to you right now. I don't know how I feel about it right now. I just feel like something is off


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  • Time for you to move on as well