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Hey all! So I've been dating my friend for 2 weeks and he's also a teacher's assistant with me. He broke it off on Monday saying he doesn't know if he could this because he doesn't want anyone to get in trouble if people find out but he doesn't know if this the right decision to do. He was beyond freaking out! He even admitted to himself he is. Many people have told us (even old faculty members) that it doesn't even matter as long as we keep it professional while running a class. We saw each other today and interacted nicely. I miss him dearly and I wish to text him. Should I?


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  • Well, if people have said it's ok then I don't really see what the big deal is.. if he knows that it's ok to date, he could be paranoid? as to texting him.. I would just message a hey, if he doesn't respond then I would leave it.. clearly there is something he is not telling you..