What does he mean by saying, 'even though you make me smile, something doesn't feel right' ?

I was seeing this guy for nearly three months. I just graduated from university and he was in his late twenties. I would mention how I want to travel. He said that he did not want to be with someone who would leave for 6 months up to a year. We pushed that aside for sometime... but then he became very distant and less affectionate. Before that we jived pretty well but after that conversation... it seemed everything went downhill.
At one point he told me that " even thought you make me smile, something did not feel right" and pretty much wanted to end things. Could this be because I told him I want to travel? is it an excuse?


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  • He thinks you'd be fucking other guys when your away on trips. There have stories of many girls who go to party islands/carribean get fucked by some local there then come to their boyfriend arm without a care in the world. So maybe he thinks your a cheating slut. So even though he likes your personality and you mesh well, he has trust issues that your a faithful person who he can have a long term relationship with.

    • Blunt as fuck... Though it would be close to what he is thinking

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