Does a customer like me?

I'm [21/f] a coffee barista and this summer this guy [23/m] who graduated our college in the spring always came in and we'd talk as I made his drink. We both happen to have been in Italy over spring break so we'd talk about that, our mutual friends, or our plans for grad school, etc. In August he came in and moved his stuff to the table next to me so he could continue talking while I worked. I added him on fb and then left for college.

He then followed me on Instagram over columbus day weekend and commented on a photo I'd just posted. I messaged him on fb asking how he's been and we had a quick conversation which ended in me asking if he's coming to alumni weekend (I'm a senior still and our college is 3 hours from our hometown). He said he is going and I mentioned that maybe I'd see him at the concert, to which he responded "totally, that or definitely at the grape" (our student bar).

He hasn't messaged me since last week when I asked if he's coming and he'll be arriving tomorrow. Does he like me or is he just being being nice? He has a ton of friends that are girls in my grade but hasn't had a girlfriend from what I can tell. I feel like I'm being forward and relatively clear that I'm interested but can't tell what he's thinking...


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  • He might just have things to do at his end; sounds like you do have a chance with him, but I don't think it's ironclad by what you've shared here.

    Don't give up!


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