Getting together with my crush.. Talking, hanging out, does he like me?

Hi everybody! So, I'm an exchange student at an American HS. And I have a crush on a boy. I met him before school started and he showed me around school and yea. When my mum had a book club meeting at his house I went with her and hang out with him in his room and then we played a bit basketball outside... But since school started we didn't really do anything/talk... At a friends bonfire we talked for a short time and we met at the homecoming dance. I was changing my shoes and I said to him he should come and dance with us... That's what we did (my friends are "friends" w/ him) and when there was the last dance, I looks for him and asked him to dance... And since them, I'm really into him! I really have a crush on him! I have to think of him all the time and in the morning he's with all of his friends near my locker, I get really nervous and my stomach feels weird... Most of the time I look at him (or are too shy to look at him) but he never looks at me. And I don't want to go up to him and talk when there are all his friends. We texted a bit the last days but I always started and we didn't really had a "deep" conversation... Some days ago he said hi and waved at me! (made my day :D) and I asked my friend if she thinks he likes me and she said yes.. So I don't know what I should do to talk to him/spend time with him/get closer whatever... I need help on everything! I've never really been into sb but it's really real.. I very much like him, I want to have him! Oh yes, and I posted like to instagram photos. The first one had the description "secretly in love ❤ " and the second one was "they say the last dance is the mist important one" and I had this description:"I always have to think of you, every day, every hour, every... I like you, I really do. But the thing that cracks me up is, that while you are reading this -and I'm sure you are- you don't feel the same. You just don't seem like you like me. You don't even look at me.." He liked both of it really fast Ty


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  • There could be interest there. But to hard tell

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