What is his deal?

im pregnant with his kid, we're not together, im not from where we live now but he is, he blew my phone up about our relationship, drunk called me, I've seen him since and he seemed to avoid talking about it, he says we need to talk about me moving because i told him its the only logical financial situation being i have nobody here to help me, and then he asked when my lease was up today. i just wish i understood what was going through his mind?


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  • He might not want you to move

    • But he knows the only option is for us to live together if that was the case

    • Maybe that's what he wants

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  • I'd say he doesn't want you to move, that's why he constantly finds excuses to avoid talking about it.

    • What I don't get is that if I don't move he knows that we'd have to live together