Girl's words don't match her actions (I really need some help here...)?

I've been talking to this girl for around four months now, and things have gone up and down. In a nutshell, when I ignored her, she would chase back after me, but when I did start talking to her agian, she started making me chase. This happened around four times, but I decided that I was done playing games (it was getting kind of annoying) and I wanted to get straight to the point.

Things that she did (be it positive/negative):
- Physical contact (legs over mine, pressing chest against my back/arm, leaning on me when she wanted to talk, etc.)
- She was really comfortable physically, but socially/mentally, I feel like she wasn't there. She would give off an expression of "hey get off me" but she would tell me to do stuff, or be touching me in some way.
- Texts (when she came chasing after me, responses immediate; when I was chasing, 20min-1hr gap)
- Talking (when she chased after me, she would try to talk and grab my attention non-stop. When I chased after her, well, she didn't really respond to me).
- Teasing from her best friend and sister
- Hung out one-one occasionally

Judging by her weird behavior, I definitely thought something was up. If she didn't like me, then she would have just ignored me. If we were really comfortable with me, then why didn't she talk to me? If she liked me, well, she wasn't doing a great job of showing it. I couldn't really come up with a conclusion as to what she thought.

I told her I needed to tell her something important, and we met up at the park (which we have done before). I told her about my feelings, but she said "I kind of just want to be friends right now. Even if we were in a relationship, I feel like I wouldn't be able to see you that often because of SATs and college admissions... Sorry."

I respect her decision, and I probably won't chase after her anymore. But... her actions don't match up with her words. Nothing clicks. Help?


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  • she is proabnly acting like that to everybody but you thought that she is flirting


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