Do you think this is okay if I partially paid for a girl when she had to pick me up?

She knew about my current transportation issues, and still wanted to hang out. TBH I am probably more interested as a friend although I am not certain what her thoughts are now, but anyway we had lunch and I paid for a few bucks more than what my half cost, and then I bought her a tea later when we were at Starbucks. I figured since she drove I should at least do something, so do you think that was about right? Although I felt bad (I know this sounds silly) but I was chewing gum and she asked me for a piece and I neglected to bring another since I just assume most people have gum with them. :/


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  • Yes this sounds good , she drove and you paid for a few bucks more than what my half cost and then you bought her a tea later when you guys were at Starbucks and the gun thing happensto me all the time but it is really not a big deal and you seem like a really nice guy.☺

    • I didn't have a gun. lol but thanks

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