Is it over? I caught him sleeping around. Did I do this wrong?

This is a really tough one for me to talk about but I actually do really need advice because I'm really upset and I think I did the right thing now I'm not sure
i've been dating someone for the last six weeks and although our relationship is been at times really good at times really quiet he's somewhat uncommunicative and very busy so I don't see him all the time
Plus I realize he probably is dating other people anyway last week we got together and we had sex which was the first time for us and I wasn't completely sure I was ready but I just want to head and did it anyway I know stupid me without clarifying things
in the morning I left his apartment and I found a woman's airing on the table it wasn't there two weeks ago so I'm pretty sure some other woman was there and left it behind
technically he's done nothing wrong we were not in a committed relationship
but I did confront him about it in an email later and saying that I thought that was really upsetting to me and that I feel vulnerable and that I don't know what to do anymore
he hasn't responded it's been a day

First sorry for all the typos. I was using Siri :(

I had told him I didn't sleep around causally and he told me he didn't either. Maybe that was a lie that's why I waited the 6 weeks.
i thought it was special it felt real. Maybe I'm dumb

I'm mad he isn't putting me out of my misery


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  • You did it fine. You didn't accuse him of doing something wrong, but at the same time you were honest with him (and yourself) on how you feel about the situation. Who knows what he'll say, or if he'll reply, but I think you did the right thing.

    It's upsetting to you when someone you're dating is dating and sleeping with other people too. That's good to know. Even if it doesn't work out with him, remember that for next time.


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  • No I don't think u did anything wrong


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  • Now that the Dirty laundry has also been aired here, dear, the writing on the wall and all is telling you That... He probably is dating other people.
    His silence now is not so golden, I would imagine. However, he is thinking things over with 'Hasn't responded it's been a day.' He is taking his time and his space to decide what you said, knows how you feel, and being you both are Not hooked at the hip in a Real Relationship, he may or may not face you down with a lame duck excuse.
    It sounds like with you both never talking this out as to where you both stand, that he Thought it wouldn't be any problem to be with others. Now that he knows how 'Really upsetting to me,' he May or may not want things to go back to the way they were because he doesn't want to be two birds of a feather.
    If he cannot commit, I see no point in being with him. You will always end up in this Full circle pattern of it going down a beaten path.
    Good luck. xx