Girls, Why is my girlfriend ignoring my text message?

She supost to be flying in tonight , and I don't know her flight number. She block me on Facebook again , she said she was coming Friday.


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  • blocked you on fb, doesn't answers ur msgs
    are you sure everything is okay?

    • She could have told me what I've done wrong. . She booked tickets to Sydney. , is she going to waste half a 1000 not to fly here. I uploaded a pic of me cleaning the house for her. Now she's not talking even tho she said she brought me a present. Should I punish her and make her wait to come her since she stuffed me around. She mention this week she's missing me a lot

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    • She hate me calling her at work so I didn't. . I text

    • wait until she arrive and you both discuss it , its better that way