Single after 3yr, like someone new, age difference, confused?

Okay, first girlfriend of 3 years (1 1/2 of that was long distance) broke up with me. Found out my bros GFs friend likes me and didn't say anything because she knew I was in a relationship but now thats over we have been talking/ hanging out. There is a age difference Im 23 and she is almost 18 (we are in no way haveing sex or fooling around) When we are together everything is great, but when apart I have the feeling she doesn't like me as much as I like her. I told her that and she said she likes me a lot and just isn't a clingy person due to her past. My bros girlfriend says her friend likes me and isn't looking or talking to anyone else (but still have that feeling she is). That being said, I know If I ask her out she will most likely say yes.

Now should I wait to ask when she is 18?
What if it becomes to late?
Is the age difference to much?


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  • The age difference is not too much. You can start dating her if she is willing to, but if I were you, I'd wait till she is a little older in order to have sexual relations with her. Good luck.


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