He isn't replying to my message?

The guy I have been seeing has been super adorable recently but today he left to go back home.
I will see him at a party next week & then never again maybe.
Today he left a note saying "cya beautiful" & then messaged me saying "I will miss you"
Then I texted him now he is home & he isn't replying...
He's been online.
Is this how it will be from now on, all the time we spent together is worthless & it just ends? Can I ask him what happens now? Why isn't he talking to me?


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  • Sometimes people forget they got a message


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  • You should understand something haha. Guys are sweet talkers, they are good with their words. Meaning they can say one thing but meant nothing. This guy you're talking about probably isn't that interested in you (no offence) but if a guy truly want a women, they would go out of their way to get her, not be online for a couple of minutes leaving her message hanging, and even if he's busy, he would actually try his best to reply your message and guys who truly like you would probably be awaiting for your text. Or, he could just be nervous and don't know how to reply you? But that's kind of dumb... Trust me, he doesn't sound that worth it.

    However, one way to make him not make you feel that helpless, is to not reply his messages that immediately. When a women doesn't immediately text him or keep him waiting and stuff, he'll actually have to put in effort to win your heart, so basically, if you want him head over heels in love with you, I think that you should try playing hard. If you find it really difficult to not reply him immediately, then occupy yourself, do something else, go listen to music or whatever, just don't reply him immediately. Actually you can, but don't do it all the time. Get it? Oh and add emotions to your text, like for example: "Are you okay? :(" "That's for me to know and for you to find out :)". If you get what I mean.

    You probably really like this guy. Just remember, there are many other fishes out in the sea. Well, I think that's what it's called...


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  • Perhaps when you Both were together it was Fine, like two birds of a feather who stuck together. However, with knowing that After he 'Party next week' is Over, he Knows it could be the end of a 'Cya beautiful' thing that was once under his wing.
    You have seen that 'He's been online.' No, do not say anything. Silence is the golden goose right now.
    Somehow though, when or if he does end up getting a hold of you, tell him, in a civil way Today: "Hi, how ya doing? I am not sure now if I am going to the party, I may have other plans."
    If he just Ends up putting you on his Pay no party list, it's of course your choice you call if you really do what to Go... At all.
    Good luck, @Pinkicedkks xx

  • Don't be so dramatic! Ha ha!

    He is at home. He has a lot of other priorities on his mind at the moment. Just let it be and live your life. He will eventually text you back. And if he doesn't you will see him at the party next week.

    No need to make a big deal out of it. Guys are usually not too good at texting. Whatever you do don't text him again unless he texts you back. Otherwise you will seem clingy and that could turn him off.