Should I be alert about dating this charming guy?

I met him online, been talking about 2 weeks, finally met yesterday. We had tacos and ended up staying at the restaurant for 4 hours talking. The conversation flowed, no awkwardness.

At the end of the nite he walked me to my car, said he was so glad to have driven 2 hours to see me and we should go mini golfing next time. I drove about an hour to meet.

At the end we both went home, no kiss just a couple of hugs and then he messaged me.

My problem is, he has been in like 3 long term (2-3 year) relationships and they have all gone nowhere. I'm scared to date someone like that as my ex was a serial long term dater too but none of the relationships went anywhere. I'm 25 so I am looking for something legit.

My other problem is, he would message me frequently before we met and although he has msgd me today, he was taking 2-4 hours to reply, from previous experience that is not a good sign considering he didn't have work today and said he was just chilling at home...


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  • So what's the question? Should you be alert of some guy you just started dating? Probably?


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