Keeping family close or move away?

I feel trapped. I want to move to another city but my older brother said i shouldn't be so naive and move to a huge city on my own with no friends or family around. But im 23 and i do not really like my hometown, its boring and a bit isolating, i like cities with more culture more diversty. The city i live in is very... farmerish, the clubbing scene is just a bunch of cafe's with a lot of white people and sometimes i feel a bit racism and left out. What should i do? he said it was too big of a step


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  • it's a free country. do what you want. as soon as i can land a job, i'm moving out as far as i want. plus, living in a new place with no friends or family is not that hard. isn't that what you did in college (assuming you went)? i also moved to italy for a summer. it wasn't hard to meet people... and i'm not a social person. i live on a farm too with literally nothing in my town to do. it's not worth staying for shit even though nyc is an hour away.


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  • How big of a city are we talking about? If he means like going from a small town and going to live in new york. Then yeah that's a pretty huge step if you have never done anything like that before. Maybe take smaller steps like live in the area just a little bit outside the main city?

    • i now live in a city with a population of 175.000 people and i want to move to big city with people 610.000 people and its 40 min away from my hometown

    • Damn that's more than how many people live in Atlanta. :D

      Still I think you should give it a try. It's good life experience plus your still young so it's best to do as many things as you can.

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  • You already asked this question yesterday.


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  • Lol, I was so mislead by this title...
    Anyway, what about going first just to study or something like that? If it's not so far away, you can always go home on weekends and holidays.

    • what o you mean? should i or not?

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    • i thought about staying in my town for a little while until i start school in February in that city and then move, but im only renting a room for like 3 months in my town

    • Well, isn't that a good thing? 3 months sounds like a good timing too.

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