I don't know if we're dating or what?

I've met this guy on tinder for a while now, and he's a nice decent guy. We talked for a few days before we decided to meet. A few days ago, we met and we had some drinks and we got to know each other pretty well. We had an awesome night! But then something terrible happened to the both of us, but im gonna skip all of that out and get to the point. The next day after our first meeting, he wanted to go and watch a movie with me so i said why not. Nothing happened on that day. the next day we met again and we watched another movie and he came over to my house cus he wanted to cook dinner for me. it was sweet and fun! I enjoyed it a lot. After dinner, one thing led to another. But ever since then, we started meeting everyday. There are some days where we would spend the whole day in my room and some days we'd spend our time outdoors, swimming and etc. We can't keep our hands off each other. we tick so well together. He wants to meet my mum, (oh, and he's here just for holidays btw), wants me to go traveling with him, asks me when ill go and hope that ill visit his country.

I feel like we're dating? He haven't ask me out yet. I don't know what we are? I want to ask him "what are we?" but im scared it might pressure him because he's not staying here for that long, or he's just having fun. I like him... a lot actually. But normally if a couple that is dating, they'd text everyday right? Guys, what do you think and should i ask him? And same question goes to girls too! Thank you! :)


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  • You're getting to know one another but you're not a couple