Im in love... but it he?

Okay so recently I've been dating this guy that im deffinitly all about. He's like my everything and i'd do anything for him. We talk every night and we text all of the time. We go to different schools but are looking at college together (and that was his idea). He tells me how much I mean to hima and some times (probably 75% of the time) I feel like he really does love me. He tells me that he doesn't care if we wait to have sex (because im still a virgin at age 17 and he's not) but then again we do other things that are sexual. I dont know why I get this vib from him that he honestly doesn't love me the other 25% of the time? At first he was always about me but now that we settled down a little he's not as all about me as he was at the begining. We make sure to see each other 2 times a week and ill go to his house then he'll come to mine... Am i just over reacting because i've never been in a truly serious relationship? Or is he just saying things to, i donno, get in my pants... There are things like him saying one day he wants to marry me... and others like me saying the reason i dont want to have sex is because i dont want to get pregnant... then he'll say If you got pregnant then that would give me just anouther reason to marry you on top of every other reason why I love you.. He was also the first to say that he loved me and affter he said it he got kind of scared and shy and after I said it he said that he was aftaid I didn't feel the same way about him and that would have been horrible... But the other day i got grounded (I know that sounds little kidish) but i got ahold of the computer and messaged him and he read it and never replied... im just kind of nervous right now and don't know what to expect... I called him 2 times last night and he didn't pick up... i just dont know what to think...


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  • How long have the two of you been together? As long as he's not just throwing that powerful L word around you for show, it seems he may. He's fine with waiting for sex and seems to want a future with you. You seem to be overthinking things.

    • Thanks and we've been together for almost 8 months...

    • He seems to be serious. You're probably just overthinking things.