Girls, do I have to tell her where I go?

When I go somewhere do I really have to tell her where I am going?


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  • You shouldn't have to tell her all the time unless there's a reason she's asking. Your question could go both ways since there isn't much detail. Either she's a bit controlling in the sense she always wants to know where you are or she has a reason to, like if she's afraid you'd go see an ex or something.

    • just in general she is not jealous its just that its not my mother i know its just a question but still

    • If you have nothing to hide I don't see the issue in telling her where you're going if she asks. My boyfriend asks who I hang out with usually when I say I'm hanging out with friends but he does so because I have a lot of friends so it's more of a "which is it this time?" Kind of thing.

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