Why did he wanted to get me pregnant on purpose?

He kept saying would it be wrong to give you a baby? he said i was unstable and needed some stability in my life and by giving him a baby he will have his cake and eat it two, he wanted me in his life for the rest of my life without having a relationship with me. He is a doctor 27 and well trained why settle for this? when he can have a wife and two kids with perfect picked fense. I feel like he wanted to trap me? but he wasn't in love with me more in lust... like he gave me hickeys on my neck as big as bruises like 5 of them and he wasn't sorry for it.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah he does want to trap you so that you would have to del with him for the rest of your life.


What Girls Said 1

  • Are you exclusive? Has he shown interest in getting married to you? What kind of relationship do you have?
    Maybe he really wants to be serious with you.

    • no he said we are not compatible

    • Then I have no idea what's his issue.

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