Any of you have any awkward dating experiences you want to share?

Mine: Met this girl of a dating site and my local park. We had been talking for 2 months prior to the date. We chatted and drank a few beers. At one point she helped me chug beer down while I was drinking it (awkward). Then At some point she got on top of me in broad daylight, unzipped my pants and held my dick in her hands while looking at me. IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, ON THE FIRST DATE

I dont care if you go anon, but do share your awkward first date stories!


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  • First date fail: I fell in a trough...
    I really liked the guy and we went on a nice winter walk for the first date... It was great! I put my brand new jeans... It was going really well, until we were having a laugh and I decided to stand on the ice covering a trough- it held my weight fine! Then I tried to step off and the ice broke! I fell into the lovely ice cold water below!
    Fortunately, he didn't mind I was a total idiot for doing that! At least, probably not as we're still together!
    That story is an absolute winner though- everyone loves to hear it!


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