What does it mean if a guy cancels on a date?

Me and this guy were supposed to go on a date today but he texted me last minute saying he can't go anymore because he wants to workout and then watch baseball. What does this mean? Like do you think it's a good excuse or not


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  • of course its not a good excuse hahaa.

    he chose the gym and watching TV over you, what do you think.


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  • He basically said he doesn't want to go on a date with you.

    • That's weird because he's the one that planned the date yesterday ):

    • Based on his excuse, it seems like he picked basketball and working out over going on a date with you. It's not like watching basketball and working out was something he couldn't get out of because it was an obligation. He's a jerk.

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  • I don't think its a good excuse for that, it seemed like he changed his mind last minute.. is it your first date?

    • Nope it's my second date but he's the one that planned this second date yesterday

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    • I talked to him and I just found out he only wanter to date because he wanted to do sexual stuff, so we're not dating anymore

    • I'm sorry to hear that

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