Problem! I need you guys to get me out of this dilemma, been staying at my bfs parents house for a few days and I found this?

my apt is being remodeled, he moved in with me about 8 months ago, so i had to stay at his parents home ( fun ), in his old room, every so often i bump into pics of his ex girlfriend, cards, lingerie he had bought her, empty boxes of condoms, and his reply is ": i thought i got rid of that" he says ill clean it up, ok.. i come home from work and still.. pics... i am really tiref of it more of an annoyance thing, then if you google his name online he has a stupid website that is a pic of her and him, every corner i turn is her and him.. ( photos) i know i am the only one, but it pisses me off! am i overreacting for being mad? would YOU in my shoes be mad? please be reasonable, he says he takes it down or tries but it is still up there... mind you her FB looks like she is still with him with a shit load of pics from their past...


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  • It doesn't sound like he has let go of her. I understand why you are upset. You should reconsider allowing him to live with you when he has a part of his life devoted to someone else. And. . . if you try to "force" him to remove the web site, etc. and he does it only because you complained, that is meaningless. What matters the most is where his heart is. These things you are finding is evidence of where his heart is, and being forced to remove those things does not mean that his heart is not still with her.

    • I know that my question might of been misleading to this opinion, I sincerely think he is over it, so he shows, doesn't even keep in contact with her, but since his room is an old "storage" now I was able to find these things, and the website is really old since the pic up there claims to be 5 years old, I am just wondering if I am overreacting or not... that I keep pestering at him to REALLY CLEAN HIS ROOM out from all that crap, this was his " college sweetheart"

    • No, you are right to be upset. Tell him that his words on that issue sound nice but his behavior would be much more convincing.

  • No you are not over reacting... He should remove all those pics... Seriously..


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