If you hate getting mixed signals like I do and If you feel like you've been played... please help?

So I'm a free bird. I do what I want, I never care about guys, I don't get attached and I'm a lot of more similar things... But in February I met a very interesting guy who I even DATED (that' very odd for me) for 6 MONTHS (even odder). I liked him because he could keep my interest.. he was.. different. So I fell in love with him and that was my first actual love. We broke up on a weird way... First I broke up with him.. then when we saw eachother again at a party we hooked up.. then he broke up with me... he started dating his ugly ex again... I moved on with other guys... Anyways a lot of things happened in between.
However last weekend we ACTUALLY TALKED in PERSON after the longest time EVER. We talked about our relationship, he told me that he started dating his ex again because when they ran into eachother they got along well and it was like ''why not''. Now they're not together anymore because she's now with another guy... He asked me who I've dated in a curious way and he said that he's seen me with a lot of different guys and stuff and we just talked about everything, it was quite emotional as well. So the next day he followed me on Instagram again, he clicked me on facebook and we talked (it was more of a small talk), he asked me why I unfriended him and I said that I was annoyed by him (on a funny way of course), then I asked him why he unfollowed me on IG and he said that he added me back at the end of the day (was he implying that I should send him a friend request too? Because I didn't and I won't be the one to do it). But then when I said something to him he didn't answer! (We joked about a phone of mine that I have now (its a really old phone)... He sent me a link to a page and I said that I can't open it on my phone and he was like ''Oh yeah because its like 15 years old :D'' and I said ''No its 10! Don't insult it!'' and he didn't reply!!!)
Since then we haven't talked and I'm just wondering about your opinion here... Does he still like me or not? Why doesn't he text me on fb anymore? Why was he so nice to me at the party and apologized and everything? Now nothing again...
The worst of all is that I ALREADY MOVED ON and then the conversation happened and I'm back in the same position I was before... It sucks.


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  • You are only an option darling...

    • Why do you think so? :( Could I change that? By that I mean that he would just want me more then other girls...

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    • no problem hon.

    • He's blunt as hell and can be a real jerk, but I'd like to think that he means well.

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