What to do when a guy stop trying to see you?


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  • Try to talk to him?

    If not forgot it move on?

    • you're a guy so tell me how can i do that without being needy?

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    • hard to do that unless i ask him out :p

    • Good luck

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  • If you're into him, you can start trying to see him. Take initiative for a bit.

    • it's more complicated than that, we kissed, then kissed again, then we were in a kind of disagrement about his behavior he is kind of mysterious or acting like that while i know he so likes me !

    • okay I don't see why you can't just ask him on a date or something? or ask what he wants, because if he's being mysterious he could want either to be just friends with benefits.

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  • it's his loss

    • Ohhh :p thank's sweety..
      so true by the way hahaha !

    • If I were you, I wouldn't do anything. In fact, I would show him what he have lost. You're better than that, if someone doesn't want to see you there are others who does. Don't waste your time on him, life's too short.