I'm so confused did I do anything wrong or he's busy? Why isn't he responding?

2 weeks ago I asked my crush for his number and he gave it and we went on our 1st date last week we had fun he told me he was going to get my number in about 2 months, said he thinks I'm beautiful and he kept holding my hand when we walked and when we hugged he even kissed my forehead and cheek after that night he asked when could we go out again and I said Next Thursday is good and he said yeah. Then on Monday he came to my work (fast food restaurant his school is across from my work) to get coffee but was sitting down looking at his phone and I went up to him and he was happy to see me and I hugged him and asked this Thursday right and he said yes the next 2 days he came to my work but I didn't get to say hi because I was giving a customer their food but on Thursday (yesterday) was supposed to be 2nd date and I texted him 2 times no response and called him later 2 times and left a voice message he still hasn't called or anything. But he comes out school at 9pm and has to drive about 45 min to get home so was he just tired or what why didn't he tell me anything or did he forget? Today (Friday) I haven't text/called him I prefer talking to him in person but might not be able to until Wednesday.


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  • I bet, he might not be into you. Forgetting a date? No way! He must have had cold feet or second thought.


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  • He is most likely busy.. if you keep texting and calling he's going to get annoyed, just let it be for a bit

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