Why did she give me her fb? Playing hard to get?

So last night we go hit a bar for after work drinks with a bunch of work colleagues, i see this beautiful girl whos with a bunch of her colleagues, turns out they all work in the same company as us.
One of my female friends "wingman's" me and asks around and it turns out she's single.
My friends tell me she was eyeing me out on the dance floor.
Then all of a sudden she approaches me, "hey i heard you work at (same company)?"

We talk a little, as there was loud music playing obviously there was a lot of "sorry" , "what was that?"

Then i ask her "we should grab a coffee sometime, can i have your no?"
She hesitates for a moment, then gives me her name "add me on fb?"

* i haven't added her yet, playing it cool*

Why won't she just give me her no, and give me her fb instead?
She's playing hard to get isn't she?
Is she keen? Is she not?


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  • maybe she want's to see what you are about before giving you her number


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