Should I give up on dating?

For one, I am nearly 26 years old, hardly even independant, slowly working on it however everyone seems to want someone who is in fact independant both physically and emotionally. Emotionally I don't ever feel like I will be I need such emotional support as I get depressed easily as I'm into geek things... heck ONLY geek things (and the real world is a dull depressive place). Not an outdoor type sports type or anything literally just into stuff like Star Wars, LotR, sci-fi, fantasy, board games, video games. Heck the house is decorated like a convention. Unfortunately where I live seems to be people who are into camping and other outdoor activities. Personally can't stand those. I also can't exactly drive, haven't really worked and get overwhelmed REALLY easily. I'm not someone who'd be able to hold a full time/40 hour job or 2 jobs really. I don't want kids...(can't stand em) I'm not exactly one who really likes romantic stuff (especially pda) either... and honestly I also find sex kinda disgusting (might have to do with me being a virgin, I'm unsure). I'm really at a loss as everyone either thinks I'd be stressing them out or not really independant enough. By the time I am independant enough I feel like a relationship would be completely pointless because frankly, you're suppost to care about someone... regardless of how emotional they get and if one can't really accept me because they have enough stress (when I'd totally help them in any way i could in such situations) then... why even bother? I also am somewhat autistic so there potentially could be some miscommunications.

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I feel like I should update this as there are a lot of negatives, for one while I do get streesed and anxiety kicks in easily, I am also quite easy going about stuff maybe even too easy going to the point I'm indecisive. Also for those who have polled (and future polled) what is your reasoning behind your answer? I am curious.


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  • dude... there are some girls out there who's looking for the same stuff as you. you just haven't found her


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  • Do what you gon du man


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  • Don't be an idiot. Never give up because the fight ends when u die.. not before.