Am I being ridiculous?

So I go to college with my best guy friend and we used to hook up. We hung out like everyday when at college but now that we've been home for winter break he never wants to hang. I realize that during break you want to hang out with people you rarely see but he doesn't try to reach me at all or contact me in anyway, and we only live 5 min away from each other. When I ask him to hang out he makes it seem like a chore so I decided I wasn't going to hang out with him unless he asks me. I feel like I value him as a best friend more than he does. I just want him to want to hang out. Is that too much to ask? Am I being stupid?


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  • weird this same kinda thing happened to me with a friend of mine who is a girl. I decided that friendship should be a 2 way street and if she was really my friend, she could put some effort in. guess what? she never called me to hang out, and I've moved on. some people aren't worth the trouble and people change.

    • Did you keep trying to talk to her? Because I'm kind of fed up with feeling like I'm forcing him to hang out, so I don't want to even bother anymore. But he thinks nothing is wrong, I guess we're not as close as we used to be.

  • ya you r

    • Would you be happy if your best friend didn't care about you enough to see how you have been the past month?

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