Should I break up?

I been only dating my boyfriend for 3 months. Before we text all the time and he responds really fast and always talks about how much he misses me, etc. we have a long distance relationship.
Now we still text everyday but it takes him way longer to reply. I'm getting the feeling he doesn't like me as much as he use to. I also just noticed that he followed this girl on Instagram. He is friends with her on Facebook and liked a lot of her picture on FB. She is very pretty. I feel pretty insecure. Should I just end things? I'm feeling pretty bummed right now.
Any advice would be great!


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  • If you're asking yourself this question for real than you know the answer.

    • The thing is that I'm a runner I always want to end any relationship im in because I always overthink everything.
      I hurt a really good guy before by ending it and had to live with string guilt for 1year. I'm scared I'm going to make the same mistake.
      I'm just curious is it normal for guys to follow a girl's Instagram? And like her FB pictures without being interested in her?
      I personally don't do that. I never like multiple pictures of a guy I'm not close friends with. Thanks!

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    • I actually do trust that he wouldn't cheat on me. We made it pretty clear that we are 100% against it. I told him in the beginning that if he ever starts to like someone more than me please break up with me rather than to cheat on me.
      I suppose I'm just terribly selfish. I want someone to just like me and nobody else. I don't want to share. If he starts to become interested in someone else I rather we just end it because I don't want to waste time and feel like I'm not good enough.
      Running away always seem like the answer in the end. Sigh, I'm going to end up alone as a crazy cat lady.

    • Like I said just wait for more proof. Which is hard but it's better to have 3 reasons than 1 and several hunches.

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  • I don't think you should break up just yet, whenever you get to see him next and he seems different then before I would talk to him about what has been going on. I wouldn't bluntly say I am breaking up with you! yea he likes some photos unless you see him flirting with her through online. I personally don't think there is anything going on.. You should feel confident with yourself, I am sure you are a very pretty girl. my advice in all is don't automatically assume, that just because he likes a photo and him not responding quickly meaning he is loosing interest, he could be busy and the girl could just be his friend. I hope this helps :)

    • Wow thanks for your advice! Thank you for your kind words! I do need to be more confident.
      Not that you mentioned it. I really didn't see any flirting going on. He don't have any comments on her wall or pictures.
      I guess he could just be busy. He just respond so fast before. Is it normal for people to respond more slowly as time goes on? I just assumed if you care about the other person you respond when you see the text.

    • No problem :) and yes of course it's normal because once you get to know the person you get more comfortable with them, and he may be comfortable around you, I am sure he still likes you he is just probably busy.

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  • End it, and do not give him an ultimatum, just end it.

    • Would it be rude to end it over the phone? Because of the long distance?

    • No, that's not rude; to fly on a plane to do that would look weird.

    • True. I have just been told by people never break up with someone over the phone... (We live 2 hours away)
      I haven't been in many relationships so I'm not really sure haha.

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  • You should communicate your feelings, ask if he's been feeling distant and if his feelings change therefor if something has changed you can choose to either save the relationship or end it! It's all about communication and a lot of the times you may be reading into stuff to closely, however it would bother me a bit too!

    • Thank you for your advice :)
      It is true I do read into things a lot and over think things.
      I do think that if I have to save the relationship it's just delaying its end and not good for both parties. I don't know. I do like him. Just sad that maybe he doesn't feel the same anymore. If he is starting to like that girl I want the best for him. He is a good person.