I think we're meant to be.. is it possible to dream about your soulmate?

ok, I know this sounds weird but there's this guy that plays alto sax in advanced band, same as me. He's approached me to ask me about a song when I was in Intermediate band, and has complemented me about how well I played my sax. Now we're both in Advanced band and I always thought he was cute and funny and sweet but never really thought of crushing on him or liking him anything mostly because I was attracted to a guy I didn't know had a girlfriend :/ But, suddenly something just clicked a couple nights ago.
I had a dream he was mine. He was holding me and my head was on his chest or shoulder and it felt very real. We were walking together and whispering things to eachother and I felt love for him burn inside of me. He was touching my hair I think and I was burying my face in this one fuzzy sweater he wears a lot.
When I woke up, I remembered most of it and I realized I had never thought of him like that before because of my current crush. Somehow, I can visualize/imagine him being my boyfriend and spending long days/nights with him. I have no idea why, but somehow he feels so perfect and right for me.
The following day or so, I came into band class late. There was no chair, so I sat on the ground. No one else seemed to notice me or care, but he turned and asked me if I need a chair. I said no, I'm fine and he got up. Its ok, im fine I said but he sat on the ground instead and gave up his chair to me. I dont know if he was just being a gentleman or just being nice, but whenever he's in the room I feel like he always notices me, unlike other people who really dont care. After, I needed paper and pencil and he gave me it to borrow.

I dont know if im crazy or what, but it felt like we connected.
It feels like the perfect guy has been there right under my nose the whole time, but I just haven't realized it.
Should I go for this guy? Everything just feels so right when Im around him. And I'm almost positive he doesn't have a girlfri

Dreamt of him again.. could it be a sign or something my mind's trying to tell me?


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  • You should date him. Soulmate wise I don't think that's signs of a soulmate. Take it from someone who's met their twin flame soulmate. Honey I spent 3 months studying SOULMATES and twin flame SOULMATES. I know the signs and everything else.

    • thanks 4 ur advice :)
      do u believe that dreams are signs sent to us? or simply our mind trying to tell us something

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    • ya no prob :)
      u were the most helpful thanks sooo much by the way im gonna try to ask him tomorrow if i get a chance (tomorrows day of the dance)

    • Oh okie. Well Goodluck

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  • Soulmates? I don't know possibly boyfriend and girlfriend? maybe, just wait and see where things go, don't do something you will regret later.