Is it worth it to pursue romantic relationships with females?

Okay, some context first. I'm a 27 year old dateless never-had-a-girlfriend type virgin guy. And i've been a loner my entire life. I grew up lonely, awkward social skills, no friends in school and college yadda yadda yadda. The main takeaway is that I am not unhappy. Someone born in the dark sees the darkness as the norm. So couple of years ago I started workng out to prove to someone that I was able to stick to a commitment. Along with the endorphin rush came good feelings about myself, a desire to better myself and quit bad habits. Fast forward to today, and I've allegedly become "quite hot" per se and I notice a relative overall positiveness people treat me with. On one hand I'm disappointed with these people cause suddenly i've become important in their eyes whereas previously they wouldn't give me a minute of their time just because of my appearence, but that's not my point here. So as I have become eligible to play in the field rather that watching from the sidelines, (I think) is it after all worth it to do so? I mean the whole investment doesn't seem worth the return overall to me. At my age most women are engaged, committed in long term relationships or have heavy emotional baggage. Add to that the fact that I myself have no inherent need/urge to socialise and be accepted/validated by others. Generally I tend to and indeed prefer to be with myself rather than deal with people. And the odd thought that what if I do try dating and start to like it? Ignorance is bliss after all.

So I would like some objective opinions from you guys regarding someone like me, that whether it's better to have never eaten the cake and be content with the bread in hand, or chase the cake, maybe get a bite, and deal with the possibility of potential discomfort in case I lose the cake?


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  • Maybe you would be better off to improve your interpersonal skills before you attempt to find a relationship. If you are accustomed to being alone, it will be good for you to get out of your comfort zone and interact with others. I would start by joining a hobby group or something in your area just so you can meet other people. If you happen to meet someone you like romantically at the same time, great.