Is it wrong to fall inlove with your first cousin?

Okay, dont judge me. Its my life and this is a situation I dont want to be in. But I can't help it. Me and my first cousin are very close. Since we were kids. As we were 11, he had a crush on me and made it known. He used to put his arm around me and tell me how crazy he is about me. He even tried to kiss me once. I always used to push him away, because it was crazy. We were cousins. But after about about four years. We've gotten soo much closer. I can't feel but to have this attraction to him. I know he still likes me. And I want to confess my feelings. But honestly, Im too scared. I dont want the rest of my family to know. I feel like I'll be abandoned by my family if I let them know the truth. And I can't keep my feelings back any longer. Any advice?


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  • where i come from, it's pretty normal and can even marry ur cousin
    i think it's about cultures and maybe religion


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