Please Review & tell me what you think I should do?

I have been seeing my friend for the last few months while living at uni.
He just got out of a relationship & I graduate this year.
We have not been exclusive & he has slept with a few girls in the time however has been consistantly seeing me. I was fine with this.

In the last few weeks we have been amazing.
He has stayed at mine EVERY night, GREAT sex, many cuddles & kisses.
It has been like a relationship without the label.

He said he loved me the other night.
He left for home yesterday & left me a note & messaged me that he would miss me before he left.
We have had the attached conversations since...
It has always been me starting the conversations.

Please Review & tell me what you think I should do?

I will see him next week at a party but after that i don't really know how to act or what will happen with us. Am I just filling in time until he meets someone else at home? Will he talk to me? It's hard going from seeing him every day to nothing, should I talk to him about it?

What if he forgets me?


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  • Your in a stronger position than you think. This guy is showing you a massive amount of obvious interest, be yourself and don't try to hard, because he likes what he sees already, so your efforts are already noticed and they seem to come easily for you, if your patient, I feel as if your get your desired platter in no time, because he really is showing an interest in you, x


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