I like my best friend's ex: what do I do?

I've been friends with this guy (let's call him Steve) since before freshman year. My best friend, Angela, talked to/dated Steve on and off from the beginning of sophomore year up until about a week ago (almost two months in to junior year). All along, I loved them together and thought they were perfect. I talked to Steve while they were a thing because he was still one of my best friends. But now I realize that I might have feelings for Steve. I haven't dated anyone for almost four years because I don't find people I feel a connection with very easily. Steve is everything I look for in a guy and we have similar interests, too. I haven't felt this way about anyone in a long time but I feel like I would be betraying Angela if I were to ever date him, even though he's the only guy I can see myself with at this point. HELP.


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  • You're the reason I don't have more female friends.