GUYS, what would your reaction be? What would you do?

Let's say you get a work visa to work in another country for 3 years (you cannot stay longer when your visa expires). You meet a girl there towards the end that you were crazy about, though she had a few problems and it was a somewhat rocky relationship, you were crazy about her in the 3 months of spending a lot of time with her (just dated), but you could not pursue her the way that you wanted to pursue her and it caused problems for both of you and she had some emotional issues from her past. You were relocating 1200 miles away from her and the fact that you're returning to your home country in 7 months after that. She could not move to be with you. Sad situation, right? Two people who want to be together can't be together. You both hugged and cried when you left, you even told her that you loved her (you said it first). About 2 weeks after you relocated, the relationship falls apart. There were communication issues and the fact that she wrote a emotional e-mail (that I deeply regret, btw) and at the end of it she asked you to not contact her. You decided to honor her request but also let her go. What he doesn't know is that in the months that followed his depature she went through a major life transformation. She's not the same girl he knew. A few months later, he gets a letter in the mail from her apologizing and thanking him for all that he taught her, things he did. He responds with appreciation and said we'll always be friends (I don't think he realized she still had feelings for him?). He also tells her that he's interested in someone back home and even asked for her advice! (they are now a couple by the way through video/phone relationship). She (the American girl) has not heard from him since. But recently she found out that she will be in his country next spring/summer for 3 months. She has not declared it on facbook, but she will (they are fb friends). What will you be thinking? Will you contact her at all? Ignore her or will curiousity get the best of you?


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  • wow... thats one hell of a conundrum and an emotional roller coaster. I'd be curious to see "her" again but I'd also understand that even though temptation would be real, i still have someone im in a relationship. I'd simply say we can meet but just as friends. Some people may say thats a mistake as old feelings my flare up, but contrary to popular belief, guys have self-control too.

    • I know, right? Tough situation. Would you be curious to find out what she's doing and where she will be? That means making contact with her though. I don't plan to reveal this information on a facebook post. Just the fact that I'm going to be in or close to his country next spring/summer. I don't know if he will even see it (he might have "unfollowed" me like I "unfollowed" him). But one thing I won't do is contact him at all --even when I'm over there. Just see what he what he does first and follow that. Do you think that's the right thing to do?

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    • I have a few questions, do you mind if I ask you?

    • Hit me up on PM, i'll be happy to give you a different opinion, or confirm an existing one.

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