Girls, do you like guys who are introverted?

I'm a 23 yr old male who is very introverted. I don't have that many friends and I'm worried about this because it seems to me like all the cute girls only want guys who are outgoing and are the life of the party. I'm also concerned that even if I do meet a girl that once she learns about my lack of a social life she'll want nothing to do with me. I guess girls can be pretty judgmental about things like that? Ladies, what do you all think about this?


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  • To me an introvert is really attractive. Or should I say just as fine. Being an introvert myself I know of the struggles of being like a mobile battery around people. The more people the faster I drain. But also the great ways of being able to go fully into yourself and exploring your thoughts. I don't mean that extroverts can't do that too, but it's easier for introverts. But also remember that being an introvert doesn't mean you are limited on your ability to learn social skills. That is all about feeling and curage.